James Franco: King Cobra

James FrancoJames Franco Plays Gay Yet Again In Porn Industry Murder Story ‘King Cobra’

Who knew he played gay even once before?

Open QuoteFranco has starred in many films as gay characters, including Milk, and Howl, and The Broken Tower, and Interior Leather Bar. This has only added to the speculation about his sexuality. In I Am Michael, he plays a gay character once again. This time alongside Zachary Quinto, and he spoke about his homosexual roles and how they have changed him in an interview with Vulture for the film.

~ inquisitr.com

Funny thing is, I have Milk. I should watch again.

Open QuoteThe plot comes from the real-life 2007 murder of adult film producer Bryan Kocis, killed by two aspiring porn stars.

~ frontiersmedia.com

Despite not possessing any personal knowledge of Bryan Kocis, I am a fan of gay porn, Mr. James Franco, Mr. Christian Slater, and getting to know Mr. Brent Corrigan better.

OMG! Molly Ringwald in cast list.


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